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Valorie Van Helsing Adventures Number Two : Revenge of the Vampire Now Available

Valorie Van Helsing Adventures Number Two : Revenge of the Vampire now available on Smashwords for just $1.99.

REVENGE OF THE VAMPIRE coverValorie Van Helsing Adventures Number Two : Revenge of the Vampire

Vladmilla Tepes, Dracula’s daughter, thirsts for Valorie Van Helsing’s blood, but she also thirsts for revenge. But Vladmilla isn’t the only vampire vying for Valorie’s blood, The Countess and her sisterhood covet her, too. Can Valorie save not only her neck, but also the world from an evil plot to spread vampirism?

Valorie’s second adventure pits her against her arch-nemesis, Vladmilla Tepes, and a sisterhood of vampires led by the Countess. Seeking vengeance for her father’s death, Vladmilla declares war on Valorie and her friends and family, but her ambitions are greater than mere murder. Does Vladmilla’s plan coincide with the Countess’ goals or is Valorie stuck in the middle between two rival vampires? To save the town, Valorie will enlist the aid of her wingman, Goldy Goldberg and her father, Joshua Van Helsing. But with the Countess’ phantasmagoria set to debut in a few short hours, will Valorie have time to both unravel the vampires’ plans and the strength to defeat them?

In Valorie’s second adventure, she and her friends will battle vampires in the air, on the road, in her high school, and in a thrilling climax at the Tarrytown Music Hall.


Valorie Van Helsing Adventures Number One : The Girl and the Golem, Now Available

The first Valorie Van Helsing Adventure, The Girl and the Golem is now available on Smashwords for just $1.99.


Valorie Van Helsing Adventures Number One : The Girl and the Golem

1936 New York, Meyer Lansky’s mobsters and the American Nazi Bund are at war. Caught in the middle is sixteen-year-old Valorie Van Helsing, granddaughter of famed occult expert and vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing, and Valorie’s friend Becca. But Becca has a deadly secret; she can create golems. Can Valorie, with the help of Becca’s brother, Goldy, save Becca from both the Nazis and her own rampaging golem? And then can she save Goldy from a vengeful Meyer Lansky?

To save her friends, Valorie will need to run a gauntlet of riots, motorcycle chases, shootouts, aerial dogfights, and rampaging golems.

The Valorie Van Helsing Adventures is an exciting new series by David Johanek detailing the exploits of Abraham Van Helsing’s granddaughter from the late 1930s through World War Two. Throughout the series, Valorie will face both human and inhuman enemies to save the world from the Nazi VRIL society and their evil Vrilerinnen from harnessing the power of the Black Sun and creating a new order of darkness.